Does your teak furniture harm the planet?

No. All of the teak used in our outdoor furniture sets and garden benches is sourced from sustainable sources. The teak is sourced and harvested ethically from sustainable forests in Indonesia. The timber carries the SVKL certificate with certifies that it has been sustainably sourced.

All of the teak we use also complies with the European Union's EU Timber Legality System, which also ensures the timber comes from sustainable sources.

You can enjoy your teak garden furniture set safe in the knowledge that the materials have been harvested and sourced in such a way that they do not harm the planet.

My teak garden furniture has turned a silver grey colour. How can I restore it to its original condition?

Over time, you may notice that your teak takes on a more silver grey appearance compared to the natural honey brown colour that it was originally.

The first thing to note is that this is entirely normal, and does not in any way mean that your furniture is faulty – it is a natural part of the teak weathering process. Just because it has changed colour, it doesn't mean that the wood is any weaker. It is still in perfect working order and is as strong as it was when you first bought it.

It's also worth remembering that it can actually look good; many people prefer the distressed look of weathered teak. However, if you prefer your teak furniture to look as new, you can follow a few steps to restoring the original colour.

First, sand any stains or spillages that have dried into the wood to eliminate the appearance of patches. This will also make sure the wood is smooth if it has been roughened by the weathering process.

Next, use a dedicated teak chemical cleaner which will help to remove any dirt and grime which is embedded in the wood. Rinse off with water to remove the loosened dirt.

Finally, a chemical teak renovator can be purchased alongside the cleaner. Once applied and left to dry, this will bring back the original golden brown colour of the teak.

Is there any difference between grade A teak, grade B teak and grade C teak?

Yes, there are several differences between the different grades of teak that are available. Companies or websites advertising extremely cheap teak garden furniture may actually be selling furniture from lower grades of teak.

While grade B and C teak might look similar to grade A teak, they are much less durable and are likely to not last very long at all. Grade A teak on the other hand is very tough and will last for many years.

Grade A teak: Taken from the centre of the tree, and is known as the heart wood. It has a close grain with very few knots, and contains a rich amount of natural oils. These oils help to protect the teak from the effects of weathering, which is a key reason why teak outdoor furniture is so durable.

Grade B teak: Comes from the outer heart wood, it is not as close grained as grade A teak. It does not contain as much natural oil, and is a more dull colour than the honey coloured grade A teak. This lack of oils also means grade B teak is more at risk of damage or decay when exposed to the elements.

Grade C teak: Taken from the sap wood (the outer section) of the teak tree. It is not sufficiently developed because it is still growing, and this means it is not as strong as other grades. For this reason, grade C teak easily splits and breaks. It also doesn't contain the natural oil levels of other teak grades, and again can be easily affected by the weather.

All of our teak garden furniture is produced using the highest quality grade A teak, so you can rest assured that you are getting value for money.

How should I care for my teak garden furniture?

Teak, particularly grade A teak, is a very durable and tough wood. It is therefore extremely easy to maintain, meaning that caring for teak garden furniture is pretty straight forward. Because it is so rich in natural oils, there is no need to stain or oil the teak in order to protect it.

There are some steps that can be taken to help prolong the life of teak garden furniture:

Cover it up: Although teak is very good at protecting itself from harmful elements, using a cover can provide additional protection. This will also ensure that the warm honey coloured glow of the wood is maintained, and will keep the furniture clean.

Don't let water gather on or around it: While it is very water resistant, water pooling on the surface of teak garden furniture or at the feet of chairs and tables may reduce its lifespan slightly. Try to keep the furniture in a place where water is unable to gather on or around it.

Keep it clean: Spillages of oily or greasy foods can stain the teak furniture if left for too long, so these should be wiped up straight away. Teak is generally very easy to maintain, but a quick clean every now and then can help it to last longer. Soap and warm water are all that is needed to give it a wipe down, and excess suds can be hosed off. Any stains can be removed by sanding the furniture. A brush can remove additional dirt or residue.

The minimal amount of maintenance required when owning a teak garden furniture set means it is an ideal choice for enjoying your outdoor area without having to worry about constant furniture care.

Why does teak make good garden furniture?

Tectona grandis, more commonly known as teak, is extremely durable and tough, with a string of natural properties that mean it is the perfect option for wooden garden furniture sets. Some of the reasons why teak is such a good wood to use in the production of garden furniture include:

Strength and durability: The close grain of teak heart wood means that it is extremely strong, and is able to take the weight of people who sit on it.

Weather resistance: The natural oils that are abundant in teak wood make it extremely resistant to the weather. While some woods can be warped by extremely hot or cold temperatures, teak furniture will not suffer this fate. The oils in teak also mean it is very water repellent.

Easy to work: Although it is tough and strong, teak's close grain means that it is very easy to work. It can be easily cut, and can also easily be enhanced with intricate carvings or designs. This means that teak is perfect for making wooden garden furniture.

Resistance to rot: The oils in teak make it resistant to the effects of potentially harmful factors such as mildew or fungus build ups. These oils also make teak immune to damage from wood eating insects such as termites.

Easy maintenance: Teak garden furniture requires little cleaning or maintenance, and this means it is an effective material for producing outdoor furniture sets.

For these reasons, teak is an extremely beneficial wood to use in the production of garden furniture, requiring little maintenance and care from the owner.

Do I need to oil my teak garden furniture?


Teak is an extremely tough and durable wood that is rich in natural oils. These oils protect the wood from a wide range of factors that might affect other types of wooden garden furniture. These include weather conditions, rot and discolouring.

There are many products available that claim to help treat and protect teak wood, but the truth is that high quality, grade A teak naturally has all the defences it needs.

Oiling your teak outdoor furniture set can be detrimental because it can strip out some of the natural oils, causing the wood to dry out and become brittle and less safe. It may also contribute to irregular patterns or patches forming on the wood, and can encourage mould and mildew to form.

Oiling teak also creates more work for yourself, as it will need to be done on a regular basis (at least once a year). The teak will become reliant on the oiling process to prevent it from drying out, so will need to be treated regularly.

Without treatment, good quality teak outdoor furniture contains enough natural oils and properties to take care of itself. There is simply no need to use teak oil on your garden furniture.